Design Researchers, Let's Dialogue

Jessa Wilcoxen • MFA Graphic Design Thesis 2009

This thesis attempted to answer how a website can be designed and constructed to foster the characteristics of a dialogue among design researchers. Extensive research was conducted on dialogue, design research, and current tools that assist in online communication. Matrixes were used as an organization and comparison tool of the research. In addition, characteristics of dialogue were identified and applied in the creation of the prototype. The Designer Dialogue prototype consisted of two videos, which demonstrated the features available for facilitation of design research dialogue. A third video was created to showcase participants enacting an example design research dialogue using these tools. This prototype was intended to be the initial step towards the creation of a website that will not only facilitate design research dialogue but also create a design community that is more educated and more socially connected.

*Two years after this thesis research Adobe Connect Pro was released, which provided many of the tools that Jessa Wilcoxen proposed should be included in the Designer Dialogue prototype.

Download Thesis Paper.

Please be patient while the videos load.

This video tutorial explains how some of the major features would be used for the designer dialogue prototype.
This video is 4 minutes and 58 seconds.


This video tutorial explains how the features on the bottomhalf of the screen would be used for the designer dialogue prototype.
This video is 2 minutes and 16 seconds.


This video shows an example dialogue session taking place and the tools being used.
This video is 4 minutes and 16 seconds.

A special thanks to Kristin Mudd for permitting her thesis research to be exhibited as an example in my prototype.